Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Holding responsible and environmentally-friendly meetings in Poland is significantly easier now than it was a few years ago. The events market includes companies offering environmentally-friendly products and services. There are numerous conference venues that regard sustainable development as part of their mission. Małopolska is home to professional meeting organisers offering support in preparing and holding environmentally-friendly events. They can help with selecting a venue, suggest the best logistics for the event, provide catering based around natural local produce, and keep the use of resources such as paper, plastics and so on to a minimum. It will be rounded off with a fascinating accompanying programme promoting the region, and an information system improving the participants’ awareness of sustainable development and caring for the environment in their everyday lives and work.

Małopolska’s hotels are increasingly participating in projects promoting environmentally-friendly trends and the region’s achievements in this sphere. During Poland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Hotel Pod Kazimierzem in the heart of the Ojców National Park hosted the Conference “Polish Presidency’s Green Priorities in Practice”. The meeting served as an exchange of experiences and presentation of good practice in terms of cooperation between non-governmental organisations with public administration, science and business in terms of European and environmental education. The next green event held in Małopolska was the European Chapter Leaders Forum (ECLF), held in October 2009 at Hotel Radisson Blu; the world’s first hotel to be awarded the BS8901 ISO certificate. It provided an opportunity to promote Poland’s tourist attractions among European and American leaders of the events industry, as well as an invitation for the attendees to hold their future events meeting high environmental standards in Małopolska. The region’s calendar of meetings and festivals also includes events shaping environmentally-friendly attitudes. One of the key events promoting sustainable management of natural resources is the Recycling Festival, held for over ten years. In the summer, the Małopolska Festival of Flavours promotes local organic produce, stressing that local, seasonal foods are one of the region’s treasures and one of the ways of limiting the negative effect on the environment. As part of the ETNOmania Festival, there are workshops during which the participants make wicker bowers, use traditional methods to make paper, and design jewellery using recycled materials.


  • Raising awareness about protecting the environment through conferences such as “Polish Presidency’s Green Priorities in Practice” and the European Chapter Leaders Forum (ECLF)
  • Events shaping environmentally-friendly attitudes, such as the Małopolska Festival of Flavours, Recycling Festival, and ETNOmania Festival
  • 11 regional products registered by the EU (of a total of 36 in Poland


    Concepts for Green Intergration

    Małopolska and its capital city, Kraków, are the perfect location for integration events. Kraków’s dynamic development, combined with the wealth of tourist attractions and the region’s beautiful natural landscapes mean guaranteed success for many different types of motivational and integration events, including those promoting concepts of sustainable development Organisers are increasingly reaching for inspiration in the natural world, folk arts and crafts, traditions handed down over generations, and regional cuisines. Meeting participants may be subconsciously seeking harmony, taking joy in simple activities and discovering the world around them in a slow, gentle way. Educational trails in Małopolska’s national parks provide a perfect setting for environmentally-friendly meetings aiming to raise awareness of the global problem of excessive exploitation of natural resources. Planting trees or setting up vegetable gardens at children’s homes, as well as spending time with children and young people, are all valuable experiences for participants of events. Another way of offsetting environmental damage by neutralising the carbon footprint arising from conferences and events is re-forestation. Photosafari or a bloodless hunt for bison in the Niepołomice Forest, rafting down the Dunajec River, musicthemed recycling workshops, Kraków city planning using recycled materials, pottery classes at the Galician Village outdoor museum in Nowy Sącz, ethnic design workshops in Lanckorona, and pierogi-making using local organic produce are just some ideas for integration meetings for business tourists.

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    • Almost 40 award-winning ideas for interesting integration and motivational events in Kraków and Małopolska, revealed as part of a competition held by the local authorities of the city and the region
    • 4250km of thematic trails, including the Wooden Architecture Route
    • 2600km of bike trails and 3360km of mountain trails
  • 300 ski lifts,
  • 250km of skiing routes
  • 4 golf courses
  • 6 geothermal pools
  • 9 health resorts with mineral water springs
  • Outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, rafting, hiking and mountain climbing, etc.
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