Gorlice – the court of the Karwacjan family

Gorlice – the court of the Karwacjan family

During a visit to Gorlice, you can visit the court of the Karwacjan family, which resembles the fortified manor in Szymbark a little. This bourgeois family from Kraków had their roots in France or Italy. The first building, a kind of fortified residential tower, was probably built at the beginning of the 15th century. The present building still features the relics of the old structure. The tower, rebuilt several times, was burnt during the 1915 World War I battle of Gorlice, and almost completely demolished after the war. Its reconstruction didn’t take place until 1992, and today the court houses one of the branches of the museum in Gorlice, i.e. the art gallery that hosts temporary exhibitions, predominantly of modern painting, as well as historic exhibitions celebrating the history of the town and region. 

Museum in Gorlice, “Dwór Karwacjanów”Art Gallery, Wróblewskiego 10a, phone: +48 18 353 5618, www.gorlice.art.pl; opening hours: daily 8am-6pm; admission: PLN 1.50, concessions: PLN 0.70, admission free on Sundays.

Other local attractions

Wooden church of Sts. Philip and Jacob in Sękowa, inscribed on the UNESCO list, built by the Sękówka river, only 4 km from the centre of Gorlice.

Former Greek-Catholic Orthodox church Owczary from the middle of the 17th century is one of the oldest and most beautiful wooden “Lemko” style Orthodox churches. 

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