Niepołomice – the royal castle PL

Niepołomice – the royal castle PL

Hunting was one of the favourite pastimes of many Polish monarchs, starting from King Casimir the Great. This last Polish ruler from the Piast dynasty ordered to build his Gothic residence near the Niepołomice Forest.

Today, at the location of the Gothic Niepołomice Royal Castle visitors can admire a beautiful Renaissance building. This edifice, erected on a square plan, was built during the reign of King Sigismund II Augustus. The design of the Niepołomice residence was based on the architecture of Wawel. The castle is entered through a still-existing Renaissance portal, while the courtyard is surrounded by two storeys of arcaded cloisters. 

The castle is presently home to the Niepołomice Museum containing hunting trophies, the study of Włodzimierz Puchalski and an exhibition in the castle’s chapel. The other part of the building is an elegant hotel and conference centre. Many entertainment and cultural events are organized  in the castle, e.g. the “Ballads of Europe” Festival and the Days of Niepołomice. 

Niepołomice Museum, ul. Zamkowa 2, phone: +48 12 261 9851, www.muzeum.niepolomice.pl; opening hours: daily, 10am–5pm; admission: PLN 3, concessions: PLN 2.

Other local attractions

Niepołomice, where you can visit the Gothic Church of Ten Thousand Martyrs situated by the market square. The church was also founded by King Casimir the Great.

Niepołomice Forest, an extensive forest complex with numerous tourist traits.

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