Sucha Beskidzka – the castle

Sucha Beskidzka – the castle

Few castles in Poland deserve the name of “the small Wawel” as much as the aristocratic residence in Sucha Beskidzka. The arcaded cloisters of two out of three wings of the castle yard are characterised by their lightness and elegance worthy of a royal residence.

The castle in Sucha was built by Kasper Castiglione, who took the Polish surname Suski after his residence. In 1554, the goldsmith from Florence built a Renaissance manor, which today is part of the southern wing. Thanks to the subsequent owners (the Komorowski family), the manor was transformed into an impressive residence with an arcaded courtyard at the beginning of the XVII century. Despite numerous subsequent reconstructions, the Suski Castle retained its beautiful Renaissance appearance. Some rooms are open to visitors, as they are home to the Municipal Museum, while the castle also houses a community centre and a hotel with a restaurant.

[Municipal Museum in Sucha Beskidzka, ul. Zamkowa 1, phone.: +48 33 874 2605, www.muzeum.sucha-beskidzka.pl; opening hours: May-Oct, Tue–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat and Sun 10am–6pm; Nov–Apr, Tue–Fri 8am–4pm, Sat and Sun 9am–3pm; admission: PLN 6, concessions: PLN 4.

Other local attractions

‘Rzym’ (Roma) tavern in Sucha Beskidzka was built in the second half of the 18th century as a wooden tavern in the Sucha market square. Although it’s a unique historic building, it is still open to visitors, presently as a traditional restaurant named ‘Rome’ tavern.

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