Wieliczka – The Saltworks Castle

Wieliczka – The Saltworks Castle

Wieliczka Castle is the only place in the world where you can see so many salt cellars in one place! The collection consists of about 400 glass, wood, silver and, above all, porcelain salt cellars.

The royal castle, referred to as the Saltworks Castle, is located in the very centre of Wieliczka. These fortified buildings were home to the Wieliczka Salt Mine administration already in the 13th century. The “House amidst the Salt Mine” was established in this period. It presently houses archaeological exhibitions (in the castle’s cellar) and historical exhibitions, as well as the already mentioned exhibition of salt cellars. You can also visit the elegant Gothic hall, referred to as the Magistrate Chamber, with the vault supported by a single pillar. The Castle was extended and incorporated into the municipal fortification system of Wieliczka in the middle of the 14th century. The so-called Northern Castle was also built in this period, but it is not open to visitors. However, you can visit the Królewska (Royal) restaurant located in the 19th century Central Castle.

The Kraków Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka, ul. Zamkowa 8, phone: +48 12 278 3266, www.muzeum.wieliczka.pl; opening hours: May-Aug, Tue–Sun 9am–8pm; Sept-Apr, Tue–Sat 9am–3pm; admission: PLN 4, concessions: PLN 3; admission free on Saturdays

Other local attractions

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is inscribed on the UNESCO list and consists of kilometres of marvellous underground corridors, chambers and beautiful chapels with museum exhibitions.

The Church of St. Sebastian in Wieliczka located on the Wooden Architecture Route

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