Accessibility in Terms of Transportation

Accessibility in Terms of Transportation

It is possible  to reach  the Małopolska Region and Kraków by airplane from more  than 50 cities of Europe.  In summer,  there are 14 char ter connections  in operation. The voivodeship has a rich network of railway connections and  there  is  the A4 motorway  leading  to Wrocław and Rzeszów. In Kraków it is possible to travel by public transport consisting of more than 150 bus lines and 27 streetcar lines one of which is a fast streetcar connecting the south of the city with its center. It is possible to travel by minivans, taxi, to hire a car, to set off on a ride by hackney-carriages or a river bus. There is a developed network of bicycle routes and walking trails for pedestrians.


2 hours 30 minutes (by train + car)

Approximate journey times from the airports to Kraków:

 John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice 15 minutes.
 Chopin Airport in Warsaw   
 5 hours (by car)   
3 hours 30 minutes (by train + car))
 International Airport Katowice in Pyrzowice
 2 hours (by car)
 2 hours 30 minutes (by train + car)

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The City of Kraków:

Kraków is situated in the south of Poland, in the northwestern par t of the Małopolska Voivodeship. The city is located on both banks of the River Vistula.
The city has the legal status of a powiat (an equivalent to a county).
 The past: it had been established by 9th century, and it received the status of a city in the year 1257 (in accordance with the Magdeburg rights). 
Area: 326.8 sq. km.



Approximate journey times between cities/towns:

 Kraków – Nowy Sącz  2 hours 
 Kraków – Oświęcim  1 hours30 minutes
 Kraków – Tarnów  1 hours 30 minutes
 Kraków – Wieliczka  30 minutes 
 Kraków – Zakopane  2 hours



National roads across Kraków:

• nr 4 – Wrocław – Kraków – Rzeszów
• nr 7 – Gdańsk – Warszawa – Kraków – Chyżne (granica
• nr 44 – Gliwice – Oświęcim – Kraków
• nr 79 – Warszawa – Kraków – Katowice
• nr 94 – Wrocław – Kraków

The Małopolska Region:

 Area: 15 190 sq. km. (5% of the area of Poland)
 Number of inhabitants: 3.2 million
 Number of visitors to the region: 13 million in the year 2014
 Number of the establishments of higher education: 33
 Number of students in higher education: 210 thousands every year

Approximate distances to the most important Polish cities:

 Gdańsk – 565 km
 Katowice – 75 km
 Poznań – 400 km
 Szczecin – 635 km
 Warszawa – 295 km
 Wrocław – 270 km


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