Sustainable meetings

Sustainable meetings

One of the most important recent trends in the conference industry is organising socially-sustainable events. When it comes to selecting a meeting venue, clients are increasingly driven not just by economic or geographical factors, but also social considerations.

To create a sustainable event, it is important that every stage of its organisation is carefully planned to be environmentally-friendly and socially-sustainable, in particular by striving to reduce its negative impact. This trend is increasingly noticeable in events being organised in Poland; as such, local authorities in the Małopolska region and the City of Kraków are following the standards set during Poland’s “Green Presidency” as part of the country’s Presidency of the Council of the EU to actively promote environmentally-friendly events and education on the subject.

In Małopolska, managers of hotel and conference venues and professional events organisers are increasingly striving to limit the negative impact on the environment by protecting natural resources: saving energy, water and paper, recycling, reducing the numbers of conference giveaways and gadgets, as well as working with local business partners with a good record in following ecological standards. Hotel, restaurants and catering companies are keen to use traditional seasonal produce, work closely with local artists, and support local communities.

This brochure presents reasons why you should consider holding your green event in Małopolska, and gives examples of sustainable meetings and ideas for minimising any negative impact on the environment.


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