Important business events in Kraków and The Małopolska Region

Important business events in Kraków and The Małopolska Region

Kraków and the Małopolska Region is the most frequently selected business tourism destination in Poland, with exceptional atmosphere and scenery for commercial meetings, conferences, seminars, or workshops, throughout the year.

Each year, Cracow hosts several thousand business events. Cyclical events are becoming the best recommendation for the Małopolska Region as guests from all over the world arrive on a regular basis. The main event of this kind is the Economic forum in Krynica-Zdrój, for which more than 2500 guests arrive each year  to par ticipate  in plenary sessions,  the Forum of Regions, and  the  Investment forum  in Tarnów. Major business events also include the Małopolska Investment Forum and Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting. Since  the year 2008,  the so-called Cracovian Conferences – several-day long discussion forums devoted to European issues, attended by politicians, exper ts, and scientists from several countries, have been taking place. Members of the international tourist industry have been meeting for twenty five years at the Kraków Tourist Salon, the dental industry meets at the Krakdent fairs, and the Book Fair in Kraków is one of the most important international events in that feld in Poland. A  lot  of  attention was  attracted  to  Kraków  by  the  specialist  conferences  of  ECTAA  (a meeting  of  the European Federation of Travel Agencies Associations) and also of INMA (a meeting of the representatives of the European media).


  • approximately 9000 business meetings every year in Kraków itself
  • Kraków – a recognized venue for the organization of international conferences and congresses, for example, the Economic forum in Krynica-Zdrój
  • varied natural conditions and rich cultural heritage guarantee successful meetings of the integrating and motivational type
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