Multifunctional Sports and Entertainment Arena Tauron Arena Kraków

Multifunctional Sports and Entertainment Arena Tauron Arena Kraków

Tauron Arena Kraków is the largest in Poland and most modern in the world sports and entertainment facility which was opened in May 2014. Located in Kraków, just 4 kilometres away from the Main Market Square and surrounded by the Park of Aviators, it is one of few facilities of this type having such extensive and professional infrastructure.

The entirecomplex may accommodate 20,000 people and consists of two halls – large andsmall, called the training hall. The main hall is composed of three levels forthe audience and may be configured in any way, which allows to organise eventsof any type. In addition to its multifunctionality allowing to play sportscompetitions in at least a dozen or so disciplines at the level of the WorldChampionships, the arena has high technical parameters, enabling the use of themost advanced stage and multimedia systems, during events being held there. Itis a perfect place not only for the organisation of sports events but alsoenables the professional organisation of various events such as concerts,exhibitions, fairs, congresses. It is also a place to show large performanceswith participation of many viewers and may be transformed into a set for TV andadvertising production. Special attention should be paid to the supportingfacilities in a form of: conference rooms, restaurants, bars, more than 1.3thousand parking spaces and more than 500 seats in a separate VIP zone. TheArena will attract a large group of viewers who want to take part, inter alia,in concerts of the world stars.


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