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Juromania - Święto Szlaku Orlich Gniazd

Juromania – Trail of the Eagles’ Nests’ Festival

From 2019-09-20 to 2019-09-22
Zamek w Rabsztynie
Kraków Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska, Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 123796000
Organiser: Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego
Racławicka 56, 30-017 Kraków
Juromania, or the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests’ Festival, is slated to take place on 20-22 September this year.
What awaits the Middle Ages’ aficionados? Quite a lot – medieval costumes, cannons, torture devices, historical reenactments, dance shows, workshops, tourneys, concerts and excellent regional cuisine. That’s what JUROMANIA – the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests Festival – is all about. The range of experiences and activities offered by the Trail is extremely vast and diverse – from entertainment and fun, through culture and education, up to sporting emotions and some relaxation in the lap of nature, surrounded by medieval castles. Thanks to JUROMANIA, you will be able to experience all of this yourself, which will – hopefully – entice you to go back to the Eagles’ Nests for more! The first edition of Juromania attracted more than 18,000 participants in 28 locations throughout the Trail. This year's edition also offers a multitude of attractions and great treats for everybody who wants to take part in the Trail of the Eagles' Nests’ Festival. Detailed programme: http://www.juromania.pl/Pokaz/1013999/program-juromanii-2019