Visit the Tauron Arena.

Visit the Tauron Arena.

TAURON Arena Krakow is the largest and most modern sports and entertainment venue in Poland, hosting events of various kinds. On 19 July, it will be open to the public. The organisers have decided to make the entire facility available to the public. The complex comprises two halls: the Main Arena and the Small Hall, also known as the training hall. The Main Hall is primarily an enormous arena.

During the tour you will be able to go into the dressing room, where stars prepared for their performances, as well as the changing room for the athletes. You will have an opportunity to see where the participants of the World Men's Handball Championship and FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship trained and honed their skills.

During the tour, you will find out whom the Pope met with in the arena during the World Youth Days and how much time is needed to organise Robbie Williams’ concert on the ice. As an additional attraction on the day of the tour, you will be able to join us at the summer outdoor cinema for the screening of Hell or High Water at 9:30 p.m. To ensure the comfort of the audience, the organisers have prepared comfortable hammocks and deckchairs, as well as music and food trucks.

The finale will feature a presentation of superbikes brought by the event organisers. The sponsors will organise a competition to win a BMW car for the weekend.

You can find more details and the application form on the Tauron Arena website:

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