Virtual walks in the Małopolska region

Czorsztyn Castle in front of the Tatras
When for some reason sightseeing is not possible, there are ways to discover the venue better - sometimes even more thoroughly than on a live trip. It's time to learn how to explore without leaving home! Virtual tours are one way of doing this. From now on, you can travel to interesting tourist places in the Małopolska region without even putting on your shoes.

Thanks to the virtual walks available at you can visit more than 130 attractions during 16 different walks. It is a good way to get to know the region before travelling, as well as discovering more deeply the places you already know and reminisce about so fondly. The video panoramas cover the entire scene with sweeping 360° views, which allows you to feel the authentic atmosphere of the venues. Virtual reality will help you travel, even if you're stuck at home. 11 walks were made in 3D and 2D technology (3D for presentation using VR goggles and 2D for presentation on the regional tourist portal and the VisitMalopolska application), while another 5 were made in 2D technology (for presentation on the regional tourist portal and the VisitMalopolska mobile application).

The 2D and 3D walks include:

Małopolska seen from the bird's eye view, on foot and by bike. Active leisure. 

Małopolska on skis - a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. 

Małopolska - the most widely bicycled region in Poland.

Through fun to knowledge. Małopolska for kids.

Immerse yourself in relaxation. Water madness in Małopolska.

Krakow Region. Discover the oldest monuments of the Małopolska region. 

Tarnów Region.Pearl of the Renaissance.

Oświęcim Region. 800 years of tumultuous history. 

Wadowice Region. In the footprints of John Paul II and the ‘city of angels’.

Tatra Region. Poland’s most beautiful landscapes.

Beskid Region. Along the Poprad Valley.


and in 2D:

We protect the most valuable. Małopolska UNESCO World Heritage Route.

In medieval fortresses and Renaissance palaces. Castles forever. 

Where modernity gets mixed with tradition. Customs and folklore of the Małopolska region. 

Discover the natural wealth of the Małopolska region. National and landscape parks, nature reserves.

Far from the hustle and bustle. Dream holidays for the whole family. Agrotourism and enotourism  in the Małopolska region.​


To enable displaying the walks, an application in the 2D technology was created and made available on-line  there is also an off-line application for displaying virtual 3D walks with the use of VR goggles. You just have to download the goggles applications, install it on the computer linked to the VR goggles, and then enjoy your walks.