Czorsztyn – ruins of the Wronin Castle

Czorsztyn – ruins of the Wronin Castle

When Polish troops fought Bohdan Chmielnicki’s Cossack army of in the far Ukraine in 1651, the border fortress in Czorsztyn was attacked and conquered by Kostka Napierski. This troublemaker paid by a Cossack hetman was supposed to cause havoc and attract the attention of some Polish forces. He eventually got what a traitor deserves: Czorsztyn was conquered by troops sent by the bishop of Kraków, and Napirski was captured and sentenced to a horrible death by impaling.

The history of Kostka Napierski’s rebellion is the most famous event in the long history of the Wronin Castle in Czorsztyn. The stone fortress was built in the 14th century on the spot where the old ones once stood. It guarded the border with Hungary and the Dunajec river crossing. Today the castle has a form of a permanent ruin, while some roomes were reconstructed and host a small historic and archaeological exhibition.

Czorsztyn Castle ruins; opening hours: May-Sep, daily, 9am–6pm; Oct–Apr, Tue–Sun 10am–3pm; admission: PLN 4, concessions: PLN 2.

Other local attractions

Czorsztyn Tourist Settlement lies on the uncovered Stylchyn Peninsula that cuts into the waters of the Czorsztyńskie lake. It features numerous wooden villas and huts transferred from flooded territories. The historic buildings house guesthouses and restaurants, as well as a small ethnographic exhibition.  

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