Kluczwoda – ruins of the knight’s castle

Kluczwoda – ruins of the knight’s castle

Above the winding Kluczwody Valley appears the limestone wall of rocky crags referred to as Zamkowa Skała (Castle Rock). The name is no coincidence, as remains of limestone walls can be found on its top. These are the remains of ruins of a 14th century knight’s castle; one of the Eagle’s Nests, called so on account of its stunning location.

The castle’s history is difficult to reconstruct. The nearby village of Biały Kościół, mentioned for the first time in 1325, belonged to the powerful Syrokomla family at that time, so the castle must have been built by them. It is not known exactly when it was deserted, but it happened already in the 14th century. The probable reason was the construction disaster that caused a large portion of the castle’s walls, including a tower, to collapse together with a part of the rocky slope.

The Castle’s Ruins can be visited without any limitations, but one has to be very cautious when walking on the top of the rock!  More information:

Other local attractions

Kluczwoda Valley Reserve, where there is a marked trail along the valley, featuring some impressive rocks, such as Zamkowa, Kobyłka, Leśna Baszta or Gackowa Baszta

Wierzchowska Górna Cave, the biggest of the local caves, adapted for visitors and famous for interesting dripstone forms  

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