Szymbark –fortified manor

Szymbark –fortified manor

There is a unique historic building you won’t find anywhere else in the country, situated in the Ropa valley, at the foot of the Low Beskids. Unlike other typical Polish gentry residences, the fortified manor in Szymbark bears more resemblance to a plethora of similar buildings from the territory of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The Renaissance defensive building with four tower-like corner annexes is crowned with a high attic, and there are remains of the sgraffito decoration on the walls. This manor was built as the seat of the Gładysz family of the Gryf coat of arms in the first half of the 16th century. The manor owns its present appearance to the reconstruction from around 1590, although the building was destroyed several times afterwards, e.g. by Hungarian Prince Rakoczy during the Swedish invasion in 1657 and during World War II.

Large-scale renovation work is presently taking place. When it’s complete, the building is to become the home of the Gorlice region cultural centre with museum, conference and concert rooms.

Museum of prof. Roman Reinfuss Pogórzańska Villige Heritage Park in Szymbark,; opening hours: May-Sept, Tue-Fri 9am–5pm, Sat and Sun 9am–6pm; Oct-Apr, Mon-Fri 9am–3pm; admission: PLN 4 and PLN 7, concessions: PLN 2 and PLN 4, admission free on Thursdays

Other local attractions

Pogórzańska Village Heritage Park, with 17 different wooden buildings from the local area gathered in a single location; you can also visit the small exhibition devoted to old gentry residences set up in a neighbouring municipal manor house from 1919, which was transported to Szymbark from Gorlice.

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