Walk along the "Fablok Route"

Zdjęcie przedstawia lokomotywę posród łąk. Lokomotywa przejeżdża na następną stację.
On behalf of the Organizers we would like to invite you to the industrial walk along "Fablok Route", which will take place on August 24th and 25th at 11:00 a.m. in Chrzanów.

The First Locomotive Factory in Poland, or "Fablok" is open for visitors. It is an ideal tourist attraction for lovers of avant-garde industrial buildings of the years 1921-1924. All the constructions and buildings built in those times were recognized as outstanding, fascinating achievements of industrial architecture.

The walk along the "Fablok Route" is organized as part of the "Independence Locomotive" project. Its priority objective is to familiarize and disseminate the history of this place, i.e. the Factory, as well as the achievements and history of the people creating  this place and related to it, such as its founders, directors, designers, engineers and employees. The walk along the Fablok Route will be led by Krzysztof Brandys, President of the Chrzanów Station Association.

The organizers of the walk are the Municipal Public Library in Chrzanów and the Chrzanów Station Association.

The event is free of charge!


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More information about the Fablok Route can be found on the website: http://szlakiemfabloku.chrzanow.pl/