Lokalna Kolej Drezynowa w Regulicach

Local Handcar Railway in Regulice

Local Handcar Railway in Regulice
Kolejowa 6, 32-566 Regulice Tourist subregion: Oświęcimski
The Local Handcar Railway in Regulice is the only idea in Małopolska that combines the passion for railways and tourism; it is based on the railway line no. 103 that was put to use in 1899.
It is the most beautiful railway route in Poland, and its uniqueness can be admired from the board of six 4-person bike handcars (driven by muscles of legs) and one manually operated handcar. The available route of the line no. 103 leads through the Alwernia Commune and encompasses the Regulice railway station and four local stops: Nieporaz (Oblaszki), Regulice Górne, Alwernia Spalona and Stacja Winnica.
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