Mural Sterowiec Oświęcim

Mural – The Blimp - Oświęcim

Mural – The Blimp - Oświęcim
It's a tradition for famous artists to unveil in Oświęcim a mural that they designed that would be related to the peaceful message of the Life Festival Oświęcim organised by the Peace Festival Foundation with financial support of the city of Oświęcim
'My painting is like an everlasting journey across undiscovered worlds. (…) I take along paint, brushes and canvas and paint, or, if one wants, I install windows. Thanks to these windows, others may be transported there for a moment, to Alternate Worlds of our imaginations.' - Jarosław Jaśnikowski (source:

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ul. Jagiełły 12, Oświęcim Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
Tourist subregion: Oświęcimski
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